Raybestos Element 3 Review – Superior Performance, Highly Durable&Futuristic Brake Pads

    Raybestos Element 3 Review
    The Element3 product line has been engineered to deliver premium performance that consistently exceeds the performance parameters of original equipment so changing brake systems becomes more than just maintenance. ELEMENT3 delivers a performance upgrade in the form of a contiguously designed braking system.

    By this, we mean a system that includes brake pads, rotors, calipers, hydraulics, and shoes, with all of the hardware and hose that brings these parts together to create a complete braking system. In this article, we’ll look at each of the elements to uncover their pros and cons. See our Raybestos Element 3 Review.

    Raybestos Element 3 Review 2024


    ELEMENT3 Brake Pads

    ELEMENT3 Coated Rotors

    ELEMENT3 Calipers

    ELEMENT3 Brake Shoes
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    Raybestos ELEMENT3 Brake Pads Review

    Incorporating the latest advances in brake pad technology claim unparalleled performance and reliability, with a wide range of variations that cover much of the domestic and import vehicles on the road today.

    This means that each set of pads have been designed to exceed original equipment specification, in a 100% matching form factor so installation is easy.

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    They are designed to operate quietly with noise dampening stainless steel hardware and multi-layered shims. These pads are also compliant with current environmental copper regulations.


    While every part of a brake system is important, the brake pads are the most critical part and the part that most often fails as a result of extended use. It is why the ELEMENT3 braking system pays extra special attention to how these pads are crafted.

    The backbone of these pads is what Raybestos refers to this as EHT (Enhance Hybrid Technology). They have blended the best attributes from ceramic and semi-metallic material into a single pad, allowing them to deliver enhanced braking performance and longer service life.

    Shims are constructed from a double layer of cold steel that is coated with a clear epoxy resin, incorporating a modified nitrite rubber and viscoelastic material. Together, these materials provide quieter performance over a much wider temperature range.

    Hardware that is specific to each vehicle variation is included in the package. This may include abutment clips, piston clips, spreader springs, and anti-rattle clips.

    To support these claims, the company has run both independent and in-house testing over the equivalent of 1 million miles. Testing has included domestic and imported passenger vehicles, light trucks, and fleet applications.

    The findings of this testing are as follow:

    • Stopping power improvements of between 20 to 25 percent. This was true overall vehicle types and a wide range of driving conditions
    • Brakes operated quietly over their entire service life
    • Brake pad wear was reduced by 35%, giving these pads a major service life boost

    Pros and Cons

    • Raybestos has a reputation for being technologically advanced and one way that shows through with these brakes pads is the blend of ceramic and semi-metal brake surfaces.
    • Each pad consists of a strong OE backing layer that adds rigidity and greater durability.
    • Durability in this product translates to longer in-service time, a claim that is supported by 1 million miles of testing.
    • They are custom designed so they install easily, with precise sizes and fittings that nothing more than a simple installation.
    • Raybestos brake pads are covered by a limited warranty that covers only manufacturing defects. It does not offer any coverage related to brake wear and subsequent failure or damage caused by improper installation.

    Raybestos Element 3 Pads

    • Universal Fit

    Raybestos ELEMENT3 Coated Rotors Review

    In the past, rotors were mostly protected by the wheels of the car but that changed when styling moved to an open-wheel design. Now the rotors are exposed to the elements and that creates problems with corrosion, reduced pad to rotor-surface grip, and overall brake system failure.

    Manufacturers have moved to a coating process that helps minimize the impact of corrosion but with marginal coating materials and incomplete coverage, it is still an issue that needs to be addressed.

    The ELEMENT3 Coated Rotor approach provides a solution that is both complete and resilient. They start with a proprietary finishing technology that is applied to the entire rotor surface. This includes the cooling vanes as well.

    They call this process the full Grey Fusion 4.0 coating and it does wonders inhibiting corrosion. This ensures that the rotors perform optimally over a far greater life span that many of the products offered by their competitors.

    For those driving in areas prone to harsh weather or in coastal regions where salt and high humidity are prevalent, these coated rotors are well worth considering and an upgrade to your vehicle’s original equipment.

    In addition to the corrosion protection built into these rotors, the coating also helps promotes much smoother and much quieter braking, while also helping to reduce the buildup of heat that can result in brake fade.

    Every rotor in the ELEMENT3 product line is designed to exceed original equipment specifications while providing a perfect size match so installation can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. In fact, many mechanics preference for working with these and all of the other products in the ELEMENT3 brake system.

    The coating used to protect these rotors have been tested extensively, with particular attention paid to salt damage and to ensure that every rotor will perform well beyond the specification of the vehicle’s original equipment. Specifically, this testing includes a minimum of 300 hours of direct salt spray testing.

    The specific finding of the testing are as follows:

    • Corrosion is reduced dramatically and rotor life is extended to easily match the performance of the brake pads from the same ELEMENT3 line.
    • By coating the air vanes, together with the main surface, rust development if further inhibited, and rotors remain cooler under all conditions.
    • These rotors also exceed SAE standards for tensile strength, and that leads to better structural integrity while maximizing service life.

    Pros and Cons

    • Market-leading corrosion resistance
    • Smoother and quieter braking in all conditions
    • Less pedal pulsation as the pads and rotors surfaces are well-matched
    • The coated rotor promotes longer brake pad life
    • Rotors are mill-balanced and fully validated
    • Non-directional surfaces that make for easier installations
    • As only manufacturer defects are warrantied, it is a good idea to fully inspect all parts before installation and ensure they are installed by a qualified mechanic.
    • Early wear sensors are only available on vehicles that have this as part of their original equipment. There is no upgrade available for this.

    Raybestos 980151FZN Rust Prevention Technology Coated Rotor Brake Rotor-Dih Parking Brake, 1 Pack

    • Our coated rotors are coated on their entire surface with a proprietary full Grey Fusion 4.0 coating. The rotors are put through 300 plus hours of salt spray testing
    • Best-in-class performance
    • Ultra-smooth braking
    • Maximized friction life

    Raybestos ELEMENT3 Calipers Review

    Brake calipers play an essential role in the total braking system of any vehicle. They house the brake pads and are the mechanism that allows the pads to engaged with the rotor and create actual braking.

    When a driver presses down on the brake pedal, the pressurized brake fluid causes pistons in the caliper to press the brake pads against the brake rotor and this is what results in actual stopping.

    Like all of the other contact parts in the ELEMENT3 braking system, these calipers are specially coated, in this case plated, to ensure against corrosion and to provide the longest possible service life for this part and the system as a whole.
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    Each caliper has been engineered for a specific make and model vehicle to exceed, or at least meeting, every specification the original equipment was designed for. This ensures that a new set of brakes will perform at least as well as the originals did on the day that vehicle first rolled off the showroom floor.

    Once again, Raybestos has put this part of the system through a rigorous series of performance and durability tests that include several industry-standard programs. For example, SAE standards, all rubber components, and seals, along with strength and fatigue testing over an extended period are applied.

    Assembly performance testing corrosion testing is also a key part of the regimen. In the end, the caliper is tested to the same rigorous standards of every ELEMENT3 component, ensuring that they work optimally and provide the longest possible service life.

    Test findings have concluded the following:

    • In every application, this caliper meets or exceeds original equipment specifications for performance
    • These calipers will hold up well under the most extreme conditions, including very high temperature, as well as in cold and wet weather conditions
    • They will resist corrosion extremely well, even in severe weather locations and in coastal areas where salt damage is prevalent
    By staying true to the original equipment specification, installation of the caliper is reasonably easy. They simply fit in place without any additional parts or special machining required. To ensure the entire system is working as required, it is recommended that these this and all of the brake system parts be professionally installed, but many weekend warriors have done these installations without a hiccup.

    Pros and Cons

    • Surface plating with zinc provides excellent corrosion resistance
    • They operate smoothly, minimizing petal pulsing
    • They at least meet and often exceed original equipment specification
    • These calipers are made with materials that have been all newly manufactured
    • Equipped with silicone boots for heavy-duty applications
    • Especially with open-wheel designs, the surface appearance of these calipers is a near-perfect OE match
    • The warranty for EMELENT3 Calipers is also limited to manufacturing defects so once again, it is advisable to full inspect this part before installing and to ensure proper installation
    • For passenger vehicles, the warranty extends to the life of the vehicle, while under the same ownership, but for commercial vehicles, they are either limited or are offered under a different warranty agreement that applies specifically to commercial use.

    Raybestos Element3 Replacement Front Disc Brake Caliper with Bracket – For Select Year Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Volkswagen Models (FRC11880N)

    • SUPER PREMIUM GRADE: Raybestos Element3 Brake Calipers offer super premium replacement brake calipers made with newly manufactured materials, offering unparalleled style and performance.Material:aluminum
    • OE SPECIFICATIONS: Precision engineered to meet or exceed OE performance and durability, providing time-saving, trouble-free installation
    • ALL NEW COMPONENTS: Made with 100 percent newly manufactured materials (not rebuilt or remanufactured) for superior quality and performance
    • RIGOROUSLY TESTED: Tested for extreme pressure, temperature, torque and degradation resistance to ensure safe, reliable performance after thousands of miles
    • VEHICLE FIT: Chrysler Town and Country 2008-2016; Dodge Grand Caravan 2008-2016, Nitro 2007-2011; Jeep Liberty 2008-2012, Wrangler 2007-2017, Wrangler JK 2018; Ram C/V 2012-2015; Volkswagen Routan 2009-2014

    Raybestos ELEMENT3 Brake Shoes Review

    Designed to work in concert with front brake pads or for emergency/parking brake applications, these ELEMENT3 brake shoes are designed to exceed industry standards and the specifications of the original equipment they are replacing.

    Specific application designs are offered for passenger vehicles, trucks, police vehicles, taxis, and fleet vehicles, especially where severe conditions and especially high performance is required.

    The material used in the manufacturing of these brake shoes is carefully selected for quality. This includes new, rather than any recycled steel, thus improving both performance strength and contact between the shoes and the wheel drum.

    Unique material is used in parking brake applications, particularly those that use a drum-in-hat and driveline application that helps ensure exceptionally solid performance and top-rated hill hold.

    Shearing can be an issue with these brake shoe systems but with this product line, they are both riveted and bonded applications that effectively address this. Shows are then coated in a premium mix that dramatically improves resistance and service life.

    Depending on the application, these brake shoes will either be contour or cam ground. This is done to the highest possible level of precision to ensure maximum contact in all braking conditions.

    Finally, the ELEMENTS3 line includes any attached levers and hardware these brake shoes require for proper installation and operation.

    As is always the case, Raybestos has put this part through extensive testing for both performance and service life, with special attention paid to corrosion management. This has resulted in a brake shoe that consistently meets and often exceeds the performance specification of the original equipment they will replace.

    Test findings have concluded the following:

    • Durability, tensile strength, and drum-to-shoe contact are exceptional
    • The service life of these shoes is equally exceptional
    • The shoes perform as required under all conditions and deliver an exceptional service life

    Pros and Cons

    • Unyielding adherence to original equipment specifications (often exceeding performance standards)
    • A premium coating that improves durability and drum contact
    • Balanced brake performance when using together with front disk systems
    • Premium materials deliver a better overall service life
    • The warranty is limited to manufacturer defect only so care must be taken to inspect parts carefully before installation and inure proper installation to avoid voiding this coverage

    Raybestos Element3 Replacement Rear Drum Brake Shoes Set – For Select Year Honda Civic, Fit and Insight Models (913PG)

    • SUPER PREMIUM GRADE: Raybestos Element3 Brake Shoes offer super premium replacement brake shoes made with organic materials to ensure the best performance and service life
    • NEW STEEL: Premium new steel, either contour or cam ground–depending on the application–facilitates proper shoe to drum contact to ensure great stopping power
    • SUPERIOR DURABILITY: Premium dipped coating provides resistance for superior durability and reliability in long term use
    • EASY INSTALLATION: Attached levers and hardware included where applicable for easy and complete installation
    • VEHICLE FIT: Honda Civic 2006-2015, Fit 2009-2013, 2015-2020, Insight 2010-2014

    Raybestos Element 3 – FAQ’s

    Why am I hearing a noise when I apply the brakes?

    There are a couple of possible answers to this and both will require some immediate attention. First, it could just be a bit of debris caught between the brake pad and the rotor. A quick inspection and cleaning are often all that’s needed to solve this. Second, it could be a sign that your brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. Do this immediately or you risk damaging the rotors.

    What is Enhanced Hybrid Technology?

    This is a unique formulation that blends ceramics and semi-metallic surfaces to create a brake pad the last much longer while delivering better, smoother, and quieter braking functionality.

    Can I change brake pads without changing any of the other brake parts?

    The only way to know the answer to this one for sure is to have a mechanic do a proper inspection. If the pad replacements are being done at the first signs of wear, you probably won’t need to change rotors and drum but this isn’t always the case. Let your mechanic inspect the system and show you any signs of additional wear that will need to be addressed.

    How often should my brakes be inspected?

    Most manufacturers recommend having your brakes and suspension inspected every six months but a lot depends on your driving habits. A good guide is to have inspections done at every 5,000 of 6,000 miles.

    Should I use copper grease to lubricate my brakes?

    While this is a very common practice, it isn’t recommended. No grease that incorporates any type of metal should be used. This is especially true for coasted components like the ELEMENT3 rotor as these lubricants can compromise these finishes.

    Can I switch to ceramic pads on my next change?

    You can but it is recommended that you stick to the specifications of the original equipment or consider changing the entire brake system to ensure that all of the components are matched.

    I want to boost my brake performance. How should I do that?

    For car enthusiasts looking for a performance boost, consider a brake system like ELEMENT3, where all of the components are tuned to deliver a complete solution. This will offer a better result than trying to mix and match parts.

    Why are my front and rear brakes different?

    It has to do with physics. When you apply your brakes, the weight of the car shifts forward and for this reason, the front brakes need to work harder. For this reason, these brakes will normally be larger disk brake systems.

    In Conclusion

    The Raybestos ELEMENT3 brake system is, by all accounts, an advanced braking system that improves performance while extending the service life of your brakes. This solution remains true to original equipment specifications, and in many cases, it improves on them.

    We are also tracking a new round of innovations that are focusing on electric and hybrid vehicles. Innovative materials are being tested that will help reduce overall weight, thus reducing the energy drain. Additionally, some designs are working to harvest energy generated during the braking process.

    This includes heat and kinetic energy. So, based on their use of advanced technologies and innovative materials, and their history as parts design leaders, we do highly recommend Raybestos and their ELEMENT 3 brake system.

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