EBC Brakes Reviews

    Brakes are needed almost in any moving vehicle and therefore there is no doubt that EBC Brakes have a major role to play. Below, you’ll find a variety of EBC Brakes Reviews.


    EBC Premium
    Premium Rotor-

    EBC BSD Rotors
    BSD Blade Disc RotorFast street and Premium Sedan

    EBC USR Slotted Rotors
    Sport Slotted RotorPremium sedans

    EBC Sport Rotors
    Dimpled and Slotted Sport RotorTruck and SUV, towing etc for sport sedan

    EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors
    Sport Slotted RotorPremium sedans

    Ultimax Brake Pads
    Street Brake PadSedans, SUV and light Truck

    EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads
    Street and Track Brake PadJeep, Truck, SUV

    EBC Brake Pads GreenStuff
    Sport Brake PadJeep, Truck, SUV

    EBC Brake Pads Redstuff
    Ceramic Low Dust Rear Brake PadSedans

    EBC Brake Pads Orangestuff
    Full Race Brake PadJeep, Truck, SUV
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    They help the brakes to perform well, whether it is cars, trucks, motorbikes, heavy vehicles and other types of vehicles including tractors, bulldozers amongst others.

    While there are many brakes available in the market today, there are obviously a few reasons as to why EBC brakes are popular.

    They ensure that the vehicles come to a grinding halt even when they are traveling at a reasonably high speed. Further, they also work well in slippery surfaces and roads especially during winter seasons.

    Why EBC Alone

    EBC brakes are a trusted, time-tested and proven brand and it has been around for many years now. It has more than 400 people working for them. It offers a wide variety of products ranging from brake pads for cars, trucks, SUVs, and also is one of the best when it comes to brake rotors or brake discs as they are also referred to.

    Any rolling vehicle on planet earth could perhaps use the products emanating from the stables of EBC brakes and this includes brake pads that are required for operating windmills in wind farms.

    They also make brake pads and other related items for military applications including tanks and armored vehicles. Hence, you can be sure that they provide total and complete solutions as far different types of brakes and accessories are concerned.

    What Is Special About EBC Brake Rotors?

    These brake rotors are manufactured using some of the best disc blanks. They are known for their efficient and quite running. They come in multi slot designs and they are also machined in a progressive and unique angle. Hence they are able to remove gas, water and dirt while on the move.

    EBC Brakes Review 2024

    We’ve reviewed 10 Best EBC Brakes. It will give our readers a decent idea about the various types of products made by them. It also will help prospective customers to have some idea about the various features that make these products so unique and different.

    EBC Premium Brake Rotors Review


    • The premium brake rotors from EBC come with the best of finished rotors. The casting designs are set to international standards.
    • The safety and quality standards are in line with internationally accepted protocols.
    • The parts required for the rotors are procured from the best OEM vendors and manufacturers.
    • The manufacturers make sure that the parts fit perfectly and also perform as expected.
    • All the castings of EBC Premium are also approved by ISO.
    • They are of the highest specifications.
    • They have been and visited by the German TUV authorities.
    • The rotors are also grooved and slotted at their factory in Las Vegas in USA.
    • The best of quality standards under strict supervision in ensured.
    • The machining, and testing facilities under which they rotors are made are also worth mentioning.
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    • Works with all standard vehicles and other moving equipment
    • Perfect workmanship with the best of standards
    • Offer significant reduction in stopping distances
    • Help in overall productivity of the vehicle
    • Safe and secure and work in all climatic conditions
    • Made from high quality G3000 spec cast iron
    • Black Geomet anti-corrosive finish
    • Each EBC premium goes through inspection and total run outs before being put into the market
    • Issues with after sales services have been reported

    EBC Brakes RK7676 RK Series Premium Replacement Rotor

    • Premium G 3000 spec castings
    • OE quality plus product
    • Black Geomet coating for corrosion resistance
    • 100% run out factory QC inspected
    • Diamond turned or cross ground brake zone finish

    EBC BSD Rotors Review

    Design Features

    • It is made with direct-fit replacement design features for replacing factory rotors.
    • It comes with high quality and exclusive discalloy materials that help in top class performance.
    • The unique blade slog design is helpful in removing heat when compared with unidirectional slots.
    • It helps in maintaining cooler and stress free brake performance.
    • It also has flatter brake pads that are subject to lesser wear and tear.
    • It is perfectly suitable for upgrade of brake bite.
    • It helps to reduce noise because of multiple overlapping features.
    • It is designed for use with almost any high quality EBC brake pads.
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    • They help fill the safety gap that exists in vehicles
    • It works well on all terrains and road conditions
    • Made from high quality disc alloy material
    • The unique blade slot design is efficient when dissipating hot gases
    • Performances more efficiently when compared to unidirectional slots
    • Each product comes with a no-question asked one year warranty against manufacturing defects and bad workmanship
    • Looks and appearances could have been better

    EBC Brakes BSD7214 BSD Blade Disc Rotor

    • EBC’s Newest Track and Street Design
    • New bi-directional fine blade slot pattern for fast degassing
    • Great for Fast street and Premium Sedan
    • V Groove to aid in heat dispersion
    • Black Geomet coating for corrosion resistance

    EBC USR Slotted Rotors Series Sport Review

    Design Specifications & Performance

    • These are brake rotors that come with a narrow profile slot pattern.
    • They are also super quite and are suitable for sports vehicles.
    • The design features enable the pads to degas and stop under high speed with heavy loads.
    • They play a big role in eliminating air noise.
    • They are also coated with black zinc finish.
    • The pads remain flat and they also come with uniform pad wear.
    • This helps in preventing galling with non-slotted rotors.
    • This also aids and assists in improving pad contact.
    • You can expect high quality braking throughout the entire life of the pad set and rotor.
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    • Brakes do not heat even under duress and stress
    • The pads are designed to stay smooth and flat
    • The brake fade is significantly lower even at high speed
    • The narrow slots help in reducing air noise quite significantly
    • They are perfectly suited for premium sedans and other types of top end vehicles
    • May not be suitable for use with certain sedans and vehicles
    • A few cases of replacements within seven to eight months have been reported
    • Running them without ceramic pads could lead to problems in a few cases

    EBC Brakes USR850 USR Series Sport Slotted Rotor

    • Brakes run cooler
    • Pads stay smooth and flat
    • Reduced brake fade at speed
    • Narrow slots reduce air noise
    • Ideal for Premium sedans

    EBC 3GD Sport Brake Rotors Review

    Design and Features

    • They are made from high quality grey iron.
    • The best of manufacturing standards and methods have been used.
    • They come with wide slots that help in keeping the brakes around 200 degrees cooler.
    • This results in much lower brake fad and offers longer life even when it is used at higher speeds.
    • The slots have been designed to remove debris and dust.
    • Hence users can be sure that there is a constant contact between rotor and pad.
    • The drilled dimples are another big takeaway and it allows for pad degassing.
    • Degassing can be done without through drilling.
    • This again leads to lesser stress related cracks.
    • They are suitable for SUVs and trucks and also sports vehicles.
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    • Users believe that the rotors are good enough to stop a freight train moving at top speed
    • In fact there are EBC rotors that are used in trains too but they are not for sports vehicles
    • They are made from the best quality grey steel
    • They come finished in Geomet, black coating
    • A combination of great looks, great performance and great corrosion protection
    • The wide slots help in drawing cool air into the rotor
    • Cooler rotors operate better during heavy use
    • No

    EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors

    Design specifications and features

    • Each braking devices ensures top class braking without the luggage of disturbing noise.
    • They have been built for high performance driving.
    • They are designed to stay cool even when being used in tough conditions.
    • They have progressive slotting design features. This results in much lesser pad wear.
    • It also results in better and long-lasting performance.
    • Less cracking is a big advantage because of quality structural design.
    • They are constructed from high quality copper inclusive grey iron.
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    • Stay away from high pitched screeching even when braking at high speeds with heavy loads
    • Be sure of world class braking performance
    • Scientific ways and designs for gasses to easily move away
    • This is because of cut-slots that are precise in design and shape
    • Capable of eliminating debris and moisture
    • Lower brake fade when compared to many brands in the market
    • High performance and ultra-quiet braking rotor
    • Comes with 12 month or 10,000 mile warranty whichever is less
    • A few instances of mal functioning in wet roads have been reported

    EBC Brakes USR1488 USR Series Sport Slotted Rotor

    • Brakes run cooler
    • Pads stay smooth and flat
    • Reduced brake fade at speed
    • Narrow slots reduce air noise
    • Ideal for Premium sedans

    EBC Ultimax Brake Pads Review

    Design and other features

    • They are often referred to as premium OE replacement pads.
    • They are perfectly made for daily use and drivers simply love them.
    • They come with high quality European spec frictions.
    • They are also chamfered and slotted and shimmed.
    • The best of OE hardware have been used.
    • They are reasonably low in weight having a total weight of around 3.8 pounds.
    • The brakes are perfect suited for all types of non-sport sedans.
    • Perfectly suited, they are for urban and long distance driving.
    • The best of noise reduction technologies have been used.
    • The brakes are safe and fail-proof stopping evening when driving at high speeds and slippery road conditions.
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    • One of the best R90 type approved pads in the market
    • Brake-in surface coating ensures instant braking after installation
    • Made from 100% eco friendly material with zero concentration of sulphides
    • Does not require shims for noise reduction
    • Offers more bite from biting cold
    • Works perfectly well both in dry and hot climates apart from performing well in cold climates
    • It is approved as the original Ultimax grade braking option
    • No

    EBC Brakes UD929 Ultimax OEM Replacement Brake Pad

    • Premium OE replacement pad
    • Ideal for daily driver use
    • High friction European spec friction
    • Shimmed slotted and chamfered
    • OE hardware

    EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads Review

    Design features and specifications

    • They are considered as one of the best high friction pads ensuring stopping even at high speeds.
    • The brake pads are designed to work perfectly even in the coldest of climatic conditions.
    • They also come with zero fade race developed compound.
    • They are suitable for use both on race tracks and also on streets.
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    • They are confidence inspiring
    • When it comes to end of the drag strip, they work better than many other options
    • The pads are also completely streetable
    • They work well in almost any kind of situation
    • They are suitable for heavy vehicles with full load where sudden braking might become necessary
    • Fully safe and ensures foolproof working every time and each time
    • Some light squeezing at low speeds but they are manageable

    EBC Brakes DP41003R Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pad

    • High friction pad for better high speed stopping
    • Zero fade race developed compound
    • Brakes effective right from cold
    • Can be used on street or race track

    EBC GreenStuff Brake Pads Review

    Design features and specifications

    • If you are looking for a brake pad that is eco friendly and offers longer brake life then EBC BrakePads GreenStuff could be the right solution.
    • They come with built in noise reducing shims.
    • They also have a unique green powder coating.
    • They have been designed specifically for SUVs and light trucks.
    • The pre-chamfered edges are worth mentioning.
    • They are capable of offering very effecting braking system.
    • Many end users consider it the best upgrade for SUVs and other types of 4×4 vehicles.
    • They also come with brake-on surface coating. This results in rapid bed-in once the installation has been completed.
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    • They do offer improvement in braking
    • They are harder compared to the previous versions, including 6000 series
    • They are long lasting and durable
    • You can be sure that they will have lesser squealing when compared to many other equivalent brands
    • The pre-chamfered edges help in reducing squealing
    • Reduced contact with the rotor lip that often forms over time
    • May not be suitable for track use
    • A few instances of mal functioning have been reported

    EBC Brakes DP21584 Greenstuff 2000 Series Sport Brake Pad

    • Designed to render an optimum driving experience for 200bhp vehicles
    • Ideal for lighter sport compacts
    • Reduces heat fade
    • Improves stopping power
    • Minimal dusting

    EBC Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads Review

    Design features and specifications

    • The EBC Brakes Redstuff are high quality performance braking pads. They are designed and made to make them suitable for high class performance on the roads.
    • They are suitable for cars up to 250 BHP.
    • They are the flagship road brake pad option for EBC’s vehicles.
    • It has been designed for cars above 200 bhp.
    • Users believes that these brake pads have set new standards as far as high class brake performance are concerned.
    • They work from cold.
    • They are suitable for strong stopping power and also when there is need for fast road use.
    • Low dust is another big feature of this product.
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    • Comes with even improved dust reduction features and capabilities
    • It promises high quality braking in difficult conditions and circumstances
    • It is made from Kevlar Fiber material
    • These are enhanced with high quality ceramic particles
    • It ensures longer life, better braking and quieter performance
    • They get better as they heat up
    • No

    EBC Brakes DP31666C Redstuff Ceramic Low Dust Rear Brake Pad

    • Lowest dust pad in range
    • Ideal European vehicle brake upgrade
    • High friction low heat fade
    • Great for fast street and premium sedan
    • Easy installation

    EBC Orangestuff Brake Pads Review

    Design and Performance

    • When you get EBC brakepads Orangestuff, you can be sure of the highest-rated brake performance. It is feature-rich and here are a few of them.
    • It is perfect for driving on race tracks.
    • The pads are also legal as far as use in US streets is concerned.
    • They offer 60% longer life span when compared to OE brake pads.
    • They are capable of handling temperatures as high as 1300 F.
    • You also can be sure of zero fade.
    • They come with high quality initial bite even when hot or cold.
    • The materials are longer lasting and are tough.
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    • They are race ready from the word go
    • Reduced bed-in time
    • Longer life and durability
    • Designed specifically for your particular model and make
    • Direct fit replacement is a big plus point
    • Not the best in certain circumstances

    EBC Brakes DP93028 Orangestuff Full Race Brake Pad

    • Longer track wear life by 40-60% in the most extreme conditions
    • Better fade resistance at disc temps where rotor is glowing red
    • Great initial cold bite when compared to other track materials
    • Street legal in the USA, vehicle can be driven to the track
    • Factory heat scorched to reduce bed in times to minutes for fast track changes

    EBC Brake Pads Review: Red vs Yellow vs Green

    Let us now look at the main differences between EBC brake pads, red, yellow and green.

    Redstuff Brake Pad features

    • They are not made for truck or SUV use
    • Lowest dust fast-street features
    • Suitable for heavy brake usage
    • Suitable for imported European and Asian cars
    • The brake in surface coating ensures safe braking once installed

    Yellow Stuff Brake Pads

    • Suitable for trucks with extreme braking requirements
    • Suited for trucks that have frequent towing work to do
    • They come with a wide heat range and suitable for heavy braking situations
    • No need to brake them based on specific guidelines after installation has been made

    Green Brake Pad Features

    • Designed for heavy vehicles and trucks
    • Considered to be medium in category as far as dust emission is concerned
    • They also come with brake coating and hence specific guidelines post-installation can be avoided
    Hence it is quite obvious that yellow and green are suited for large sized vehicles such as trucks and SUVs while the red variant is more for smaller sized vehicles including sedans and other four wheelers for domestic use.

    EBC Brakes Review – Buyer’s Guide

    Where are EBC Brake Rotors Made?

    The brake rotors and other such products are made in two major units of the USA and UK. While the motorcycle brake rotors and pads are made totally in the United Kingdom, the automotive brake discs are made majorly in the USA while some part of it is also made in the UK.

    Which EBC Brake Pads To Choose?

    There are different types of brake pads that are made from the house of EBC. They are broadly categorized into brake pads and rotors for two wheelers and motorbikes. On the other hand, they have a wide variety of pads and rotors for cars, sedans, SUVs and other large sized vehicles.

    You can choose the right type of brake pads depending on your specific use, type of vehicle and other such needs. For motorcycles you can go in for standardized brake pads. However, when it comes to four wheelers of different sizes and capacities, there are a few options that you could be on the lookout for:

    • Red stuff brake pads for large sized trucks, vehicles and other special purpose vehicles like tractors, bulldozers, and other special types of vehicles.
    • Yellow stuff brake pads. These are suitable for again for truck and SUVs that are used roughly with towing, regular braking and other such requirements.
    • Green stuff brake pads. You can go in for these brakepads for heavy vehicle sand even SUVs. However, they may not be the best choice when dirt emission reduction is necessary.

    Are EBC Brakes good?

    Yes there is no doubt that the EBC brakes are good. They are suitable for various uses and have versatile functions. They are made from high quality material and are products of extensive research. Further, they are also capable of reducing noise, reducing dust emission apart from being 100% safe and reliable.

    Are EBC Greenstuff pads any good?

    There is no doubt that Greenstuff pads apart from being eco-friendly are also known for their robust and high performance. They are considered to be suitable for trucks, SUVs and other large sized vehicles.

    Are EBC Ultimax Brake Pads good?

    Yes there is no doubt that EBC Ultimax brake pads are of the best quality and they come with ECE R 90 approval.

    Are EBC brake pads ceramic?

    EBC has brake pads with and without ceramic material. While some are made from other materials, there are a few pads that are manufactured using the best quality ceramic raw material.

    The Red variants are typical example of pads that come with ceramic material. These are also known as Non asbestos organic pads and they are customer friendly and safe to use.


    When we take all the above factors into account, there are reasons to believe that EBC brakes, rotors and other related and allied products are of high quality. They have stood the test of time and are products that have hit the market based on years of research and after being tested rigorously under different conditions.

    EBC Brakes has not rested on its laurels and they are doing quite a bit of research and are working on different technologies that could redefine and give a new push and meaning to braking technology as a whole.

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