Best Sprayers For Deck Stain

    Choosing devices to do any painting DIY projects by hand put your attention to the paint sprayers which can be the best option as they save loads of time and effort. Paint sprays will not only save you from the unnecessary effort but it will help you to complete the job more quickly – paint sprays cover more deck. Here is a list of five best pump sprayers to help you to do the staining in less time.

    Best Choice
    Graco Magnum 262800 X5
    Graco Magnum 262800 X5
    The Best Overall
    This airless sprayer has an adjustable nozzle that can be adjusted to the exact spray pattern you need. It has enough power to send the paint through the 75-foot hose without any issues, which is great for those projects that require you to move around quite a bit.
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    Best paint sprayers for deck stain on the Market

    We have incorporated a buyer’s guide and FAQ section along with the reviews of five products. These things will assist you in getting an idea of various features of the products and you get information from the most commonly asked questions.


    Best Choice
    Graco Magnum 262800 X5 review

    Graco Magnum 262800 X5

    • The hose can reach up to 75 feet

    • It has a port to hook up a water hose

    • It’s completely adjustable

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    Best for Frequent Use
    Earlex HV5500 Spray Station review

    Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

    • It paints quite evenly

    • The gun is very easy to use

    • It's relatively easy to clean

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    Most Durable
    Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 review

    Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2

    • It's fully adjustable

    • It's a lot more durable than other models

    • The hose is 25 feet long

    Best for Adjusting
    Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer review

    Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max Sprayer

    • It's relatively affordable

    • It can be easily used with a 20-foot hose

    • It's extremely adjustable

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    Best Value
    HomeRight C800971 review

    HomeRight C800971

    • It's very affordable

    • It has a powerful motor

    • It comes in many different kinds of tips.

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    Types of paint sprayers

    Mostly, paint sprayers come in one or two options. These are HVLP and airless sprayers. There are a few differences between these two sprayers and these are great for specific situations. We will discuss that next but you should know which kind of sprayer is better for your necessities and staining your deck.


    The abbreviation for HVLP is High Volume Low Pressure. HVLP sprayer is more convenient than a standard spray gun because it does not over sprays and finishes the deck stain evenly. So it is the best fir for those who make things like furniture and cabinets.

    These sprayers use two types of systems. One is the dedicated system and the other is a conversion system. The dedicated framework includes a turbine to split everything. The conversion framework changes the high-pressure air to lower pressure to make the spray more controlled.


    An airless sprayer pumps out paint at extremely high pressure. It passes through a hose and a little hose. These are incredible for staining a big deck and for those projects in which you need concise and even finish.

    An important thing to be considered in these sprayers is they produce a bit overspray which implies there will be more paint in the air than on the deck. It is regarded best for open places.

    Graco Magnum 262800 X5 – Best Overall sprayer for staining deck

    It is an airless paint sprayer and it is very adaptable. It works superbly with a wide range of activities. The sprayer comes with an additional adjustable nozzle which you can adjust exactly to the pattern you require. You can use either diluted or non-diluted paint as it is powerful enough to easily transfer paint through a hose (75 ft) without any problem.

    It is considered ideal for the deck stain as you need to stretch the hose into the yard. One last and important feature of Graco Magnum 262800 X5: there is a hookup in it for a garden hose and it makes cleanup very fast and convenient.

    Performance/Tech Issues

    The only drawback it has is that its weight is more than others the tips can get clogged. Except for it, it is an awesome product.

    Recommended or Not?

    Graco Magnum 262800 X5 is suited for a variety of things including a deck stain so it is highly recommended.

    Pros & Cons

    • Easily adjustable
    • The water-hose can be attached through a port
    • The hose can cover more than 75 feet
    • Heavier than other sprayers
    • Clogging problems in tips

    Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, Blue

    • Just right for DIY Homeowners and Remodelers looking for more power and mobility when tackling larger projects
    • Ideal for projects up to 10 gallons in size, allowing you tackle multiple projects every year
    • Fully adjustable pressure control to give you ultimate control to spray paints or stains unthinned at any pressure
    • Flexible Suction Tube allows you to spray directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket
    • Supports up to 75 ft of paint hose to reach peaks or second stories without diminishing performance

    Earlex HV5500 Spray Station – Best for Frequent Use

    The sprayer was made for carpenters as they have to do plenty of difficult projects. It composed of 650 watts, which implies it has enough capacity to complete enormous projects. There is a control dial in it through which you can adjust it to any design you want.

    Performance/Tech Issues

    The sprayer has got two issues i.e. it spits sometimes and stops up.

    Recommended or Not?

    Regardless of the issues, Earlex HV5500 Spray Station can be a good fit for deck stain. Highly recommended.

    Pros & Cons

    • Paints equally
    • Gun is convenient to use
    • Easy to clean
    • Spits out sometimes
    • Clogging problems

    Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer for Woodworking and Furniture Refinishing, 2-Stage Turbine, HVLP Spray Gun, Spray Gun, HVLP Turbine Sprayer

    • SEMI-PRO PAINT SPRAYER: The Earlex Spray Station 5500 is designed for serious woodworking, light contractor and automotive enthusiasts. Ideal for use in the workshop, around the home or on the job site
    • ACHIEVE THE PERFECT FINISH: The professional metal spray gun and 650 watt turbine provide a superior finish on small to medium sized jobs such as doors, cabinets, spindles, decks, furniture, cars and more
    • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: This HVLP paint spraying unit features a flow control dial and a fast push-and-click spray pattern changing system to change your pattern to round, horizontal, or vertical
    • USE WITH A VARIETY OF MATERIALS: Use the 5500 with many different oil-based and water-based materials including: thinned latex, stains, lacquers, varnishes, sealers, oils, urethanes, shellacs, acrylics and enamels
    • BRING IT ANYWHERE: Sprayer features on-board storage for the pro spray gun, 13 ft. hose and 5.5 ft. cord. Includes a carry handle for easy portability as you move around your project

    Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Most Durable Sprayer for deck stain

    The nozzle of the sprayer can be adjusted to various positions as per the requirements of your pattern. You can use it in professional settings as the sprayer is made from high-quality products.

    Being an HVLP unit, best used for things such as cupboards and doors. The 25-foot hose implies that it can spray in any area you want.

    Performance/Tech Issues

    Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 clogs more as compared to others and is difficult to clean.

    Recommended or Not?

    Considering all the things, the product is recommended as it is good for different work.

    Pros & Cons

    • Completely adjustable
    • More durable in contrast to other sprayers
    • It has 25 feet long hose
    • Difficult to clean completely
    • Clogs more as compared to other products

    Fuji Spray 2203G Semi-PRO 2-Gravity HVLP Spray System, Blue

    • Professional non-bleed Spray Gun with Adjustable Pattern Fan Control
    • 1.3mm Air cap set installed
    • 400cc Gravity Cup
    • Metal Turbine case with handy gun holder
    • 25ft Hose includes air control valve to reduce overspray and bounce back
    • Wrench & Cleaning Brush

    Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer – Best for Adjusting

    One of the best things about this sprayer is that it’s extremely adjustable. You can change the spray The sprayer is completely adjustable. The spray pattern of the device can be changed from ½ to 12 inches.

    Also, it can be used with a 20-foot hose – another incredible feature of the product. It will enable you to move around it when required. One thing should be noticed -it is the best option for home deck stain not for the professional workload.

    Performance/Tech Issues

    There are two drawbacks to it; one is that it is manufactured from cheap plastic and the other is it clogs more often.

    Recommended or Not?

    Despite the drawbacks, Wagner sprayer can be adjusted to a deck stain. So, it is recommended.

    Pros & Cons

    • Easily adjustable
    • Very affordable
    • Conveniently utilized with a 20-foot hose
    • Manufactured from cheap plastic
    • Clogs more

    Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking, Extra Container included

    • HVLP PAINT SPRAYER: The Control Spray Max paint sprayer uses high volume, low pressure technology to atomize materials into fine particles and provide a smooth finish on door trim, decks, furniture, more
    • USE WITH A WIDE VARIETY OF MATERIALS: Powerful two-stage turbine makes it easy to paint walls and surfaces with thinned latex paints and thinner materials like stains and poly
    • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Customize your paint flow by using the pressure control dial and material flow adjuster to receive the perfect finish every time. Turn the air cap to spray round, horizontal, or vertical
    • GREAT DESIGN: The stationary base is connected to the spray gun with a 20 ft. hose to easily reach your painting project and reduce hand fatigue. Also includes a 1 ½ qt. cup and professional grade metal 1 qt. cup

    HomeRight C800971 – Best Value

    The sprayer is not only good for work with loads of details but at the same time it is acceptable for general use at home. The unique feature – product comes with required accessories. These include a cleaning kit and 3 tips.

    Also it is equipped with a 450-watt motor to complete a large portion of your work with it. It can be the best option for you if you are one of those individuals who do loads of small and medium projects.

    Performance/Tech Issues

    Difficult cleaning. It is not easy to get the correct blend of paint.

    Recommended or Not?

    In general, the item is recommended because that it’s entirely reasonable and it can undoubtedly complete a wide range of projects.

    Pros & Cons

    • Very affordable
    • Powerful motor
    • Сomes with various tips
    • Difficult to clean
    • Hard to get the correct blend of paint

    HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer, Spray Gun for Countless Painting Projects

    • PAINT SPRAYER FOR COUNTLESS DIY PROJECTS: The HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer offers the ultimate DIYing experience. It’s great for applying a great finish on small to large projects like fences, decks, furniture, cabinets, dressers and more.
    • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS TO SUIT ANY PROJECT: You can adjust the air cap to spray horizontal, vertical, and round. You can also adjust the material flow control knob to quickly increase or decrease the material output
    • MORE POWER=SPRAY MORE MATERIALS: Offers 450 watts of powerful spraying experience. It sprays a wide variety of paints and stains such as chalk type paint, milk paint, latex paints, enamels, primers, clear sealer, polyurethane, stain and varnish
    • 3 BRASS SPRAY TIPS: Brass spray tips offer superior performance over plastic counterparts. Use the 4.0mm (red) tip for primer/latex paint, 2.0mm (green installed on sprayer) for latex and chalk paint, and 1.5 mm (blue) for stains and sealers.

    Buyer’s Guide & FAQ – the sprayers for deck stain

    The buyer’s guide is designed to provide you all the relevant information regarding the sprayers. Let’s give it a read:

    Buying Guide

    The primary purpose of the guide is to help you sort out the common features and choose the best option for yourself. Some of the features are common in spray guns and some are unique. We are expecting that after reading this guide, you will be able to find a product that matches your choice.


    First of all, you have to decide which type of paint s spray gun you require and want. We have mentioned above the differences between HVLP sprayer and an airless one.

    HVLP sprayer is good for you if you have to cover a large area with a constrained amount of paint until you don’t worry about the amount of paint and you want to have an even finish. Then you should go with an airless model. You have to sort out your kind of projects to choose the right product.


    Probability is the next thing which you must consider. Some of them are moderately light while others are heavy. If you have to work in different areas where you have to move around, you just need a portable thing. In contrast, you can also go with something heavy if you are doing projects in one building or area.

    One thing should be noticed about probability, it is where you will have to rotate the sprayer. As an example, you would not prefer anything heavy if you are working on a roof. You will also ensure that you can move around if you are working in a large area such as siding on a house.


    As we know that cleaning the sprayer is considered as one of the difficult parts of the paint spraying process, it is vital to have a detailed knowledge of how one should clean the sprayer. Some are a lot simpler than others.

    Some of them require you to dismantle the parts and utilize a cleaning kit to ensure that all the paint is removed. Different sprayers are easy to clean and should be possible with cleanser and water. For these, there are a couple of approaches to complete it.

    First of all, start by putting the mixture in the area where you will put the paint and spray it out. Secondly, hook it with the water hose and wash everything out until it is clean.

    Power Type

    Sprayers are usually electric-powered and gas-powered. An electric-powered sprayer can be the best option for you if there is an easily accessible plug around you. In case if you do not have an outlet near you, then you should go with the gas-powered sprayer. Another thing to remember is whether you’ll be going to various places for different projects.

    The purpose behind this is you will never know what sort of condition the place will be in or whether or not they will have the outlets accessible. Even if these things are available, there is no guarantee that they will allow you to use them. So, it is vital to power your sprayer regardless of what your circumstances are.


    Mostly paint sprayers do not come with included accessories; some of them come with them as well. Some of these accessories include: extensions, conditioners, protective gears and extra fillers. Some of these are very important to use such as protective gears. These include face masks, protective clothes, protective gloves, and goggles. They will make your job convenient and protect you as well. These accessories are more vital in places with low ventilation.


    The last thing you’ll need to consider is how much horsepower the sprayer has. It is not about staining speed, yet it can tell you how much reach it’ll have.

    Consider how much power you need to get the paint to experience the whole length of that hose. In case you are going to do a lot of huge projects, you need to ensure you find a sprayer that has a high amount of horsepower.


    FAQ section will assist you in narrowing down your choices and will provide you with the necessary information. These are the common questions which majority of the buyers ask. In addition to these, there may be other questions in your mind. For those, you have to do some research or meet the company to get answers.

    What type of sprayer do I need for deck stain?

    You can choose from the air sprayer and HVLP as per the requirements of your project. An airless option is best if you do not bother about overspray and you are going to cover a big deck yet if you need something more controlled and you have a limited amount of paint then you should go with HVLP.

    section class=”sc_fs_faq sc_card”>

    When should I use a paint sprayer?

    A paint sprayer can be utilized for a variety of jobs but there are some specific conditions where it functions great. These include large areas to cover, furniture, houses or rooms and walls or ceilings. These should be avoided in areas with low ventilation and small places.

    What kinds of accessories do I need?

    The required accessories depend on the projects which you are doing. Here is a list of most common ones:

    1. Extensions
    2. Extra fillers
    3. Protestants
    4. Conditioners
    5. Protective gear (face masks, glasses, clothing and a pair of durable gloves)

    The above-mentioned accessories will make your job more convenient. Likewise, they will protect you. These accessories are more vital in places with low ventilation.

    How do I clean the sprayer after use?

    Most often, cleansers and water are used to effectively clean the sprayer. But in some cases, you will have to utilize different sorts of cleaning tools for example brushes, just to make sure that the nooks and crannies are cleaned. Using soap and water, there are few things you can do. Start by putting the mixture in the area where you will put the paint and spray it out. Secondly, hook it with the water hose and wash everything out until it is clean.

    What power type and portability do I need?

    Sprayers are usually electric-powered and gas-powered yet the power type and probability rely on which sort of projects you are doing. The electric-powered sprayer can be the best option for you if there is an easily accessible plug around you. In case if you do not have an outlet near you, then you should go with the gas-powered sprayer. As far as the probability is concerned, if you want to take it to various places for projects, you will need to ensure you can easily move it. But if the vast majority of your projects are on a similar spot, then you do not have to worry about how portable it is.

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